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Conditions of anesthesia

Anesthesia (for the uterine color image) is performed in the Teb Azma Imaging Center at Saturdays, Tuesdays, and most Thursdays (only 10 women are admitted every day). The applicant should call +98-912-5523650 two days after the onset of her menstruation, for scheduling.

1٫ HSG is performed only from the seventh through the thirteenth day of the menstrual cycle when the applicant is clean.

2٫ Take a shower at HSG day.

3٫ Start the prescribed antibiotic (doxycycline) two days before the procedure and take it every 12 hours with plenty of water. The best time is 9 am and 9 pm.

4٫ Do not eat and drink seven hours before shooting. In case of weakness, chew gum.

5٫ If you did not have the imaging drug, attend at least half an hour sooner at the center to provide it.

6٫ At presence in the center, in addition to the bank deposit for anesthesia, have sweet fruit juice with yourself.

7٫ Wear comfortable clothes with loose sleeves.

8٫ Be sure to come along with a companion to the center, preferably your spouse, otherwise two ladies who are not pregnant and are able to help you.

9٫ Do not have intercourse from starting menstruation until HSG.

10٫ After scheduling and anesthesia consulting, complete information can be provided through calling +98-2532855997.