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Uterine color image


Hysterosalpingography (HSG or uterine color image) is a medical procedure that could occasionally be associated with some level of pain and discomfort in some women.  While this procedure can be carried out in waking state, some women prefer other options including light anaesthesia. Our medical center in Qom has been offering and performing this technique and procedure under light anesthesia for the past 14 years and has successfully reviewed over 10,000 cases of HSG from 2003 to 2016.  Anaesthetising our service users has offered them several advantages that are outlined below.
  • Anesthesia is performed by an experienced anesthesiologist who would review the patients medically prior to the procedure and would monitor them during and after the procedure until they are fit to leave this center.
  • Light anaesthesia  would reduce and in most cases eliminate the pain and discomfort of the procedure.
  • Considering the nature of the procedure and the level of anaesthesia used, the complications of the entire experience are very minimal and it ensures a high level of safety and comfort.
  • Another benefit of uterine color image (HSG-WA) under light anaesthesia is the absence of pelvic muscles tension and contraction. This is an important aspect and benefit of this method as it would allow a smoother insertion of the vaginal equipment. This would effectively result in fewer number of images taken, less pelvic radiation and lower doses of the medications needed for imaging. Moreover lack of muscle spasm would allow an easier passage of the radiology drugs through the tubes and clearer images.  This would increase the diagnostic value of the procedure.

At this centre we respect the social and cultural needs of our service users as well. The spouse or patients’ relatives should be present during the HSG with anesthesia.  We also respect our service users’ religious beliefs and therefore we have hired female medical staff who would be taking the images.

Please note that anesthesia for HSG is done only three days a week and only 10 individuals are admitted per day.
This center also offers MRI and CT-Scan under anesthesia.  Our anesthesiologist also performs myelography.
The images are ready in approximately 15 minutes and the reports could be sent to our service users via Telegram messaging application or post.
The images are ready approximately in approximately 15 minutes and the reports could be sent to our service users via Telegram messaging application or post.
If you like to receive more information about our services, please do not hesitate to contact our team anesthesiologist, Dr. Moghaddas Zadeh between the hours of 09:00 to 12:00 and 16:00 to 20:00
Phone number: +98-920-7015700